SVSM, a preferred destination for Prime Grade Wooden Pallets and Heavy Duty Wooden Boxes

SVSM offers a wide range of Wooden Pallets EPAL, Germany Certified Pallets, Heavy Duty Pallets, Heavy Duty Jumbo Boxes, etc. to meet your varied needs. This includes EPAL Euro Pallets, EPAL CP pallets (CP1 Pallets, CP 3 Pallets, CP 9 Pallets), Euro Pallets, GMA Pallets, UK/US Pallets, regular CP Pallets and any other customized Wooden Pallets, Pine wood Pallets and Heavy Duty Jumbo Boxes.

We have modern Pallet Designing and Pallet Re-Engineering facilities to cater to your critical requirements.

Reduce wood wastage & cut cost by customizing your pallets with Improved Design and Advanced Load Analysis

Reduce wood wastage & cut cost by customizing your pallets
with Improved Design and Advanced Load Analysis

Large multi location manufacturing facilities

We have multi location manufacturing Plants with a capacity of One Million pallets p.a.

We Engineer, Design & Manufacture Prime Grade Pine Wood Pallets and Heavy Duty Boxes after understanding the requirements of the customer and provide customized solutions.

We use advanced Engineering Softwares for Design & Load Analysis and test pallets for load and stability. We have four in-house ISPM – 15 Heat Treatment Plants.

EPAL, Germany Certified

EPAL, Germany Mfg. License No.: IND - 011 HE

We manufacture EPAL Wooden Pallets under License from EPAL, Germany, meeting their stringent Global Standards, inspected and certified by EPAL.

EPAL Certified pallets (EPAL, Euro & EPAL CP) are made available Ex-Stock.

Quick & on time delivery which reduces your inventory holding cost and warehouse space.

We maintain large stock of 12,000 to 15,000 pallets .and even more, against firm PO Schedules for quick delivery.

This reduces and save your inventory holding cost and warehouse space.

We have our own fleet of transport for time bound logistic support.

Thanks to our excellent quality, Good Manufacturing Practices and on time deliveries, we are “Preferred Provider” of pallets to many highly reputed-MNCs in India.

Our Products

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EPAL Pallets

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1. EPAL pallets are standardized wooden pallets used for transposting goods.

2. EPAL means "European Pallet Association," responsible for setting the standards and ensuring the quality of these pallets.

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Euro Pallets

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1. Euro pallets or EUR pallets or European pallets, are standardized wooden pallet used for transporting goods in Europe and beyond.

2. They are manufactured according to European Pallet Association (EPAL), ensuring uniformity and quality across the pallets.

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On-site Palletisation

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1. On-site palletisation refers to the process of organizing, stacking, and securing goods onto pallets at the location where the goods are produced, stored, or distributed.

2. On-site palletisation is crucial for efficient handling, storage, and transportation of products. This practice is common in manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and retail facilities.

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GMA / US Pallets 1200 x 1000

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1. GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets, also known as US pallets, are standardized pallet commonly used in North America for the transportation and storage of goods.

2. GMA pallets can be designed for either two-way or four-way entry.

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Wooden Crates

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1. Wooden crates are typically used for transporting or storing goods.

2. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific needs of the items they are used for.

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CP Pallets

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1. CP (Chemical Pallet) pallets are a type of standardized pallet primarily used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but can also be used in other sectors where hygiene, safety, and precision are crucial.

2. Designed to meet the specific requirements of these industries, ensuring safe handling, storage, and transportation of goods, especially hazardous materials.

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Cable Drum Pallets

More Info

1. Cable drum pallets or cable reel pallets or spool pallets, are designed specifically to hold and transport cable drums or reels.

2. These pallets are essential for industries handling large reels of cables, wires, and similar materials to accommodate the size, weight, and shape of cable drums, ensuring safe and efficient handling. .

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Nail-less Foldable Box

More Info

1. A nail-less foldable box is a type of packaging or storage solution designed to be assembled without the need for nails, screws, or any other hardware.

2. This makes them convenient, easy to set up, and often more environmentally friendly.

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Pallet Collars

More Info

1. Pallet collars are a versatile and reusable packaging solution that transforms a standard pallet into a secure container.

2. They provide a flexible alternative to traditional wooden crates and boxes, offering benefits in terms of storage, transport, and handling.

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Heavy Duty Engineered Boxes

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1. Heavy-duty engineered boxes are manufactured for durability and strength.

2. They can withstand the harshness of transportation and handling, especially for heavy or bulky items.

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Pinewood Boxes

More Info

1. Pinewood Boxes are made primarily from pinewood, a type of softwood obtained from various species of pine trees.

2. These boxes offer a combination of strength, durability, customizability, and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for packaging and transporting goods.

Why Choose SVSM

Quality Assured Wooden Pallets Read More
Selecting SVSM means selecting quality pallets. We follow a series of systematic processes and checks to ensure that pallets meet specified standards of quality, reliability, and safety before they are used in logistics and transportation.

1. Material Selection and Inspection

2. Manufacturing Process Control

3. Load Testing

4. Dimensional Accuracy

5. Moisture Content

6. Compliance with Standards

7. Employee Training

8. Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Wide Variety of Wooden Pallets Read More
At SVSM, we take great satisfaction in providing a wide selection of wooden packaging options to satisfy various demands and specifications.
From pine wood pallets, Euro pallets, and regular EPAL pallets, to specially-made wooden boxes, Customized Pallets, Specialized Pallets, Heat-Treated Pallets, and Two-Way and Four-Way Entry Pallets, our wide range of products are intended to serve several sectors like pharma, logistics, and manufacturing.
Customization Flexibility Read More
We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you need unique dimensions, specialized materials, specific design features, scaling up production or modifying product specifications, we provide wooden pallets according to your requirements.
Domain Expertise Read More
With 35 years of experience in the industry, our team possesses deep knowledge and expertise, ensuring that we provide high-quality wooden pallets and services to our customers.
Customer Service Read More
We provide responsive customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving issues promptly and efficiently. Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our customers by understanding their needs.
Sustainability Read More
We are committed to sustainability and practice environment-friendly processes in our factory. Our pallets are designed to minimize environmental impact. We source materials responsibly, ensuring they are sustainable and are ethically produced.
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Why Choose SVSM

Quality Assurance

At SVSM, quality is a key growth enabler and we strive to maintain it right from sourcing of raw material to manufacturing and delivery. Pallets are 100% kiln dried with no mould / stain and confirming to ISPM # 15 HT (Forced Hot Air Treated) to meet Phytosanitary requirements. Due care is taken to prevent Biological, Physical and Chemical contamination and pallets are stored indoor. Premium Pallets for critical applications are stored separately in special zone.


ISPM - 15
Heat Treatment


Moisture Testing


Pallet Measurement


Thanks to our valued customers, we have been consistently growing year on year and have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the organized sector.


For assured timely deliveries, we have our own fleet of trucks and forklifts.

Wide Range of Wooden Pallets and Boxes

With over three decades experience in Designing and Manufacturing of Wooden Pallets, Wooden Boxes, Pallet Collars, CP Pallets, Crates and Engineering Support Structures in the organized sector, SVSM Packaging is a dependable source for your packaging, pallets and palletising needs. With three Manufacturing Units located in India, we have been catering to a host of highly reputed customers in Pharmaceutical, Food, Specialty Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Engineering, FMCG, Consumer Durables and Industrial products segments as “Preferred” source for Wooden Pallets.



Palletisation is the process that involves the arrangement and securing of products on a wooden pallet for transportation or storage. Palletisation's main goal is to improve the efficiency of handling and transporting goods by consolidating smaller packages into a single, stable load.

Wooden Pallets are most commonly used due to their strength and cost-effectiveness.


Strengthening your supply chain by Palletisation

Improved Efficiency : Speeds up loading and unloading processes, reducing labor costs.

Enhanced Safety : Stabilizes load, reducing the risk of damage to goods and injuries to workers. Read More

Key Considerations in Palletisation

Weight Distribution : Ensuring even distribution to prevent pallet collapse.

Securing Loads : Using straps, shrink wrap, or stretch wrap to secure items on the wooden pallet. Read More

Palletisation in Different Sectors

Pharmaceuticals : Ensures the safe and efficient transport of medicines and medical supplies.

Logistics : Enhances the speed and reliability of moving cargo through the supply chain.

Manufacturing : Streamlines the movement of raw materials and finished products within and between facilities.

Why Wooden Packaging?

Among the many benefits of wooden packaging are its affordability, sustainability, and durability. The hardwood packaging alternatives from SVSM offer security and strength for your goods, along with customization choices to suit your specific requirements.


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